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Eel Stevo pinged me a few weeks back and asked if I’d like to join him on photosafari shooting WWII warbirds—meaning vintage World War II airplanes. Being a WWII nerd, and having not dusted off my camera for far too long, I said yes, paid my fees online, and a few Saturdays later, joined El Stevo at the regional airport in Culpeper, Virginia at 9:00am.

The airplanes, of which there were officially scads (seriously, here’s a list), were to do flyovers over the National Mall Friday and Saturday to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII.…

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Sso this happened two weeks ago: I finished – finally – the second draft of The Gospel of Isabelle Dequenne. It’s a bit bloaty at the moment, coming in at a mere 862 pages. Or, if you prefer: 215,403 words.

(Yes, eight hundred and sixty-twoTwo hundred and fifteen thousand four hundred and three. My first-ever novel and I write something Dostoevskyish in length. Because genius, right?)…

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