Ii was asked why I thought the United Kingdom should have stayed with the European Union. My first thought was I wondered if Britain remembers how nationalism, hubris, and fear led them to the guns of August. And while I’m certainly no subject matter expert on the EU or the world economy, these were my second thoughts:

I think the people were lied to about what a Leave vote would do for them.

I think people voted based on racist fears inspired in them by disingenuous politicians, that isolationism is a dead relic of a failed past (see WWI and WWII), and that the way forward is through greater cooperation and not in pulling away from each other in fear.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

I think the youth of Britain are being forced to live with a future they don’t want by older Brits who have few years left to live in the jacked-up world they’ve wrought.

Brexit vote results, by age. Source Lord Ashcroft Polls/BBC.

Brexit vote results, by age. Source Lord Ashcroft Polls/BBC.

I think the loss of multi-culturalism is limiting and damaging. I think Britain will miss the free trade it had with the rest of Europe, and its citizens will miss the ability to move, live, and work freely among European countries.

European Union - Photo by Hannibal Hanschke/Reuters

Two activists with the EU flag and Union Jack painted on their faces kiss each other in front of Brandenburg Gate to protest against the British exit from the European Union, in Berlin, Germany, June 19, 2016. http://to.pbs.org/28YEwxp. Photo by Hannibal Hanschke/Reuters.

I think the message that Britain does not welcome people of color other than white and cultures other than British is a bad thing.

I think nationalism will be the death of us all.

German grave markers, La Cambe German war cemetery.

A small sampling of the results of one of our more recent go-rounds with rampant nationalism.

I also find it ironic that a nation that colonized great chunks of the world suddenly wants to isolate itself from that same world.

The definition of irony.

The definition of irony.

I should add that I don’t like what this asinine decision has done to my 401(k).

“U.S. stocks followed plunging global markets. The Dow ended the day down 611 points, or over 3.4%, while the S&P 500 lost 3.6%. The Nasdaq composite index dropped 4.12%, and into correction territory — or down 10% from its recent high.” – http://cnnmon.ie/28Y0TGQ

Look, I understand the attraction to the mythical rugged individualist, because, you know, ‘Murica. But the history shows it’s a failed ideal. Isolationism failed in the 1930s (and earlier, in the 1910s). World War II was won through the combined efforts of alliance, not through any one nation’s efforts.

The global standard of living is higher now than ever before because of global markets and global cooperation. Look at the interactive, global sharing of knowledge and ideas, lives, information and cat photos that exist because of the collaborative design of the Internet. We enjoy the benefits of roads, sidewalks, schools, police & fire departments, clean water, medical care, and protection from external threats by our military because of the collaborative use of our tax dollars. Are you going to defeat ISIS all on your own, just you and your AR-15? Not bloody likely.

It takes all of us, working together. It’s been that way for a long time. Since, oh, I dunno, Ur?

Do I think we should have individual civil liberties? Yes, absolutely — within the context of a society, which is a collaborative entity. Do I also think some people have been left behind by our nation’s leadership? And that the same has happened in other nations? Yes, absolutely. But the answer to fixing that critical problem is going to be found in all of us working together, not each of us taking our ball and going home.